Posted by: Hungry Korean | June 1, 2012

Point Lookout Clam Bar

Over Memorial Day weekend, we visited Page Six out in Long Island. After a day of fun in the sun (aka sunburns lol), we grabbed a bite to eat in the local town before driving back to the city.  We stopped in at Point Lookout Clam Bar.  The restaurant serves up all kinds of seafood. You walk in and it’s pretty unassuming – there is a case full of the daily catch (in fact the fisherman unload right in back – doesn’t get fresher than that!) and a guy at the register to take your order from the menu.  Then you go out back and eat your food with this view:

Not to shabby eh?

The three of us all got lobster rolls and some fried clams to share.

The fried clams were delicious! There has never been anything fried I have not liked…

Big meaty pieces of clam wrapped in a crunchy batter and dipped into tartar sauce. These were very very good.  We considered getting another order but refrained.

The lobster roll:

It was served with a side of fries and coleslaw. This was not the best lobster roll I’ve ever had. Page Six and I agreed that there was way too much mayonnaise.  Also definitely no chunks of tail meat (the choicest part)…I think it was all leg meat and the roll was kinda skimpy on lobster meat. However, nothing says “summer” like eating a lobster roll outside in the sun with a view like that…..

Point Lookout Clam Bar, 99 Bayside Drive, Point Lookout, NY


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