Posted by: Hungry Korean | June 5, 2012


Back to Balthazar! The problem with this place is that even though it’s so delicious, it’s on the freakin tourist map and it’s impossible to get a table!!! It’s incredibly frustrating.  But me and my friends, Chicken, Cookie Monster, Cowboy and Wodka, although starving, were tipsy enough (impaired judgment) to wait the 30-45 minutes at the bar for our table :).

I started with the white asparagus with duck egg:

Duck egg is decadent. It’s richer and creamier than a hen’s egg and it served as a beautiful yolky sauce for the delicate white asparagus.  Why does asparagus pair so well with eggs? Anyone???

Balthazar has special plates of the day..The special plate of the day was…..ready for it…….PORK BELLY! (of course I had to get it)

My eyes bulged with greedy delight when I saw the incredibly generous portion. Most restaurants give only half of what Balthazar did.  That top part was the uber crispy and crunchy pork skin.  Each bite had a satisfying crunch to it and my tongue and lips were coated with that lovely collagen.  The belly meat was perfectly braised and falling apart in my mouth. Fatty, moist, porky. I couldn’t get enough.  This was hands down the pork belly meal of my dreams. (well at least until I meet the next pork belly plate I love – yes I am a fickle woman)

If you can get your hands on this plate, you must have it….particularly if you are a lover of pork like me.  Balthazar, you have woo’d me and made me fall in love with you all over again. You had me at “pork belly.”

Balthazar, 80 Spring Street, New York, NY


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