Posted by: Hungry Korean | June 11, 2012

Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Last weekend Cookie Monster and I travelled to Stone Barns to dine at Dan Barber’s famous Blue Hill restaurant. The Tatooed Traveller and his girlfriend, Rosy Girl, had given us a gift certificate to the restaurant as a wedding gift. We have always talked about going up one day…needless to say, we were beyond excited to try this restaurant.

There are a variety of tastings the restaurant offers but we decided to go all out and get the 12 course tasting plus a very nice bottle of French wine.  With that said, I am not going to do a play by play of each course (as I normally do) because the dinner was quite extensive.  Plus, unless you plan to visit Blue Hill in June, you won’t get what we ate since the menu is seasonal and changes according to the diner.

When you sit down in the gorgeous dining room of Blue Hill you are presented with this cute booklet and pencil to take notes:

This is essentially your menu…however it is unlike any menu I’ve ever seen. Instead of a descriptive of every course, it is a listing of the produce and meats harvested that month.  A quick flip through the book and you realize every month is different (which makes sense for obvious reasons).  This was the month we were dining – June.

Everything you see listed there would appear in some form during the course of that evening.  Some of our favorites were the sugar snap peas and fiddlehead ferns.  Mainly I was so excited to try such a wide variety of freshly harvested produce.  Our wonderful server informed us that the way the menu is set out, each course can be tailored to fit a specific diner’s needs and wants. I do not like cilantro so that would not appear ever for me (not that it was harvested that month). Cookie Monster had stated he did not eat organ meat while I did, so for the protein course, I got the baby lamb chops with a small bit of lamb kidney while he received pork.  The attention to detail for this meal was astonishing and the presentation of every plate was remarkable.

I cannot tell you enough how much I enjoyed this meal. It blew my mind and I have to say it is in the top five of best meals I have ever eaten.  After our dinner, we were even allowed to go back to the kitchen and see it in action plus meet Dan Barber himself! My kind of celebrity…

Enjoy the slideshow and if you can, try and get to Blue Hill at Stone Barns at least once in your lifetime! FYI – the 12 course meal does take four hours to consume so make sure you plan accordingly. You can also dine at the bar a la carte without reservations as well.

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