Posted by: Hungry Korean | June 20, 2012

The Dutch

Paid a visit to The Dutch last week and there were some delicious seasonal treats and new additions to the menu that weren’t there when I last stopped by.  Settled in bar seats with Half Hopi we decided to share everything.

The table bread which is freshly baked warm cornbread (it literally arrives warm) with whipped butter:

We each started with the fried oyster slider. I love fried oysters.

Soft sweet bun and the crunch from the fried batter. The oysters are made sweeter from their cooking. Addictively tasty!

This is definitely seasonal: the soft shell crab appetizer

If you are going to visit the Dutch anytime soon, go for this because it won’t last forever. Soft shell crabs are in season right now and let me tell you, I’ve been gorging on them every chance I get!  This was done beautifully. It’s served with a mild yellow curry sauce and topped with a beautiful salad of Thai influenced pickled string beans and pickles. The string beans and pickles added the right touch of acid to bring out the flavors of the sweet crab.  Not greasy at all and so full of flavor! I really liked this Asian take on soft shell crab.

We also shared the Korean rubbed hanger steak with kimchi fried rice.

Like traditional Korean kimchi fried rice, it was topped with a fried egg. In Korean restaurants, you mix that egg into the rice and it sort of cooks by the heat of the rice. It didn’t totally work in this instance but a good effort to be authentic. The hangar steak was cooked perfect medium rare and was so tender. I really liked the Korean influence.  The kimchi is slightly sour, slightly spicy and paired well with the meat.

The swordfish with potatoes, mint and artichokes:

This was my least favorite. I found the fish a bit dry and flavorless. I found the mint a bit strong for the dish and an odd pairing with fish? Maybe I’m late in the game but I’ve never had that combination before.

What a delicious meal. I really enjoyed the restaurants take on Asian influenced plates and will continue to visit The Dutch for future surprises.

The Dutch, 131 Sullivan Street, New York, NY


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