Posted by: Hungry Korean | July 11, 2012

Rosa Mexicano

Some out of town coworkers were in NYC on business and suggested we all have dinner.  A coworker’s wife has celiac’s disease and so my mission was to find a restaurant in NYC that could accomodate her.  I know for a fact that Rosa Mexicano caters to people with celiac disease and not only has one or two things on the menu but a very extensive menu of gluten free food.  If you don’t believe me, go to the website and see for yourself. I’ve heard about this upscale Mexican restaurant as long as I’ve been in NYC (and trust me that is a long time lol) and heard it was quite delicious so it was about time the Hungry Korean paid it a visit!

One of the things Rosa Mexicano is known for is the fresh guacamole made tableside.

It is seriously delicious. We dug in with chips and freshly made warm tortillas. (Which by the way were gluten free!)

I got the chicken enchilada for main course:

It was ok. The chicken inside the soft taco was pretty dry and there wasn’t much to this dish as you can see. Some sauce and then melted cheese. For $18.75 I was underwhelmed and expected more.

Cookie Monster got the confit duck leg with mole sauce and he fared much better:

The duck was cooked well – crispy on the outside, and moist on the inside. You could really taste the complexity of the mole sauce and definitely the chocolate! He loved it.

I did not take photos of my coworker’s plates as I did not try them but the table was given rice and beans gratis which were THE BOMB!  So flavorful. Again it’s gluten free.

We were at the Lincoln Center location and the place was humming and buzzing with people. Those without reservations were told the wait was an hour and every seat was taken.  Maybe I ordered wrong because aside from the guacamole and the table rice and beans, I thought it was meh. Just my opinion as the rest of NYC seems to love it. 🙂

Rosa Mexicano, 61 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY


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