Posted by: Hungry Korean | July 13, 2012

East by Northeast

Saturday night we drove out to Montauk to get some Asian food.  There’s a very pretty, sleek and modern restaurant in Montauk called East by Northeast. It’s dimly lit, sleek and sexy – it doesn’t totally fit into the Montauk vibe but maybe that’s why it’s also so appealing?

We started with the fluke sashimi with lime thai chili, mustard oil, soy and wasabi:

The fish was fresh but the dressing was bland. Not much flavor to it except strong tastes of wasabi.  Once I added salt, I started to enjoy this dish. I also think it needed more acid.

We shared two versions of taco. The peking duck tacos:

OMG these were so good. I loved the crispy deep fried wonton skins that acted as the taco shells. The peking duck was shredded, moist and had a slight sweetness that worked really well with the creamy guacamole and cool salsa. YUM.

The tempura fish tacos:

Unlike the sweet duck, these were more savory but so light, not greasy and delicious. The fish was nice and flaky on the inside and the taco is soft. I couldn’t get over how delicious both the tacos were.

For main course, Cookie Monster got a menu special which was the shrimp scampi over udon noodles:

Overcooked shrimp (aka chewy and rubbery) that sat in a pool of butter.  The udon noodles tasted like the packaged variety and I’m sorry but the butter they used had taken on the tastes of the refrigerator. This was not a good dish AT ALL.  I have been told you should never order “specials” from restaurants – it’s just the restaurants way of getting rid of something that they have too much of.

I got the panko seared tuna served with braised daikon, spaghetti squash and a sesame vinegar dipping sauce:

The tuna was quite tasty and might have  been flash fried because the panko was quite crispy.  I liked it with the dipping sauce.  The spaghetti squash was delicious because it was literally drenched in butter as well lol! But aside from that, there’s not much more to the dish. As you can see from the photos, their main courses don’t have much to them.

We both agreed that this is a restaurant where the appetizers rocked and the main courses were just ok.  I gotta be honest with you, I’ll definitely come back for those tacos again before the summer is up.  There is a nice bar area and an outdoor space to drink and enjoy the summer. I think it’s a great place to stop if you are driving through Montauk and craving Asian influenced food.

East by Northeast, 51 Edgemere Street, Montauk, NY


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