Posted by: Hungry Korean | July 18, 2012

Nomad Restaurant

So the big guy from Eleven Madison Park, Daniel Humm, got his own resto and it is divine!!!  It’s in the Nomad Hotel and let me tell you this place is gorgeous.  I even took a shot of the interior it was so pretty. It felt like we were in the dining room of some very rich person’s home. There are several rooms off the main one. We had dinner in one of the small side rooms.

Do you see that gorgeous fireplace and wall paper?! What about the crown moldings?

I had big expectations for this restaurant because I really loved Eleven Madison Park and let me tell you this placed lived up to those huge expectations and then some.

Although Cookie Monster is not a huge offal eater, I have managed to broaden his palate…he now enjoys and eats sweetbreads! So when I saw the sweetbread cigars on the bar snacks, I suggested we get them.

I have never had sweetbreads served to me like this. They are wrapped in phyllo, deep fried and delicious!  The inside was so delicious and perfect. Whatever savory ingredients they mixed with the sweetbreads did the job. If you’ve never had sweetbreads and wanted to try, here is  a place to go for it – you would never even know they were the thymus gland!

Shot of innards:

The table bread:  (and if you read my blog you know I love inventive table bread offerings)

UMMMM it was this deliciously crunchy zucchini bread that was served warm. Holy cow…all this for just us two?? Doggy bag please 🙂

For appetizers, I had read rave reviews about the homemade tagliatelle with king crab, meyer lemon and black pepper so we split a main course portion.

The brightness of the meyer lemon was beautiful with the sweet king crab.  You had spice from the black pepper and a great bite from the homemade pasta.  And yes, it was dressed in silky butter. This really is heaven on a plate.

For main course I got the bone marrow crusted filet mignon with baby leeks and royal trumpet mushrooms:

Yes it was perfectly cooked, yes it was perfectly seasoned and yes the meat was tender as hell. I loved the crunch of the leeks and the earthiness of the mushrooms. I am a hardcore carnivore and this did everything for me.  You wrap any beef in marrow and I’m a sucker. This dinner just kept on giving.

Cookie Monster got the suckling pig with cherries, onions and wild greens:

They serve it with that crispy skin that crunches under your teeth and coats your lips and tongue with collagen and then you dig into the moist tender meat.  I can’t decide which I liked more (beef or pig) but I do think we both chose wisely.  Why does the work “suckling” get me to drool on command? haha. ok that sounded a bit pervy.

This meal was unreal and I would go back in an heartbeat. As you can tell from my review, there was not one flaw in the dinner.  Everything was phenomenal, from the decor and ambience to every morsel that appeared before me.  The hype is out so reservations are hard to come by (we dined at 9:15pm on a Thursday and made reservations a month in advance).  Get in line now, ladies and gentlemen.

Nomad Restaurant, 1170 Broadway, New York, NY


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