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I live in an area where there are thousands upon thousands of Thai restaurants and I seriously have no idea why they are all conglomerated in my hood – it’s not like there is a huge presence of Thai people.  At any rate, yet another Thai place opened up in the space which used to be my beloved Korean bibimbap spot (formerly B-Bap).  Cookie Monster loves Thai and he loves noodles so he’s been suggesting we dine at this place called Noodies a couple times and I kept shooting him down. I find Thai food either too sweet, not tasty and greasy or just boring….One night I gave in and so we ate at Noodies.

The restaurant is very small and they’ve made great use of the space. There are tables to the left and what look like uncomfortable bar seats to the right.  The wall on one side is decorated with an entire wall of beautifully ornate porcelain plates of all shapes and colors.  It’s quite pretty.  Dark woods and hushed mood lighting complete the look.

We both had a non-alcoholic beverage. (FYI the place is still waiting on its liquor permit so it’s BYOB for now which keeps costs down). Cookie Monster had a deliciously refreshing lemonade spritzer:

and I just had an ice tea which, I was happy to find, was not overly sweet.

For appetizer, Cookie Monster had the fried dumplings stuffed with mushrooms and finished with truffle salt:

I did not make out any truffle flavor but I did taste the earthy mushrooms. There is four to a serving and they are not overly greasy but surprisingly light.  There could be a tad more stuffing but we both really enjoyed the dumplings nonetheless.  I’ve ordered take out of these little babies.

I got a restaurant special of soft shell crab over a mango salad:

WOW that mango salad was the highlight! The shredded mangoes were slightly sweet and tender and dressed in a spicy, savory and acidic fish sauce dressing. The dressing was what put this salad over the top. Cookie Monster couldn’t stop taking bites of this salad.  It had a scattering of crunchy cashews which was nice.  The soft shell crab was floured and then deep fried and could have been meatier but again, that mango salad was just so delicious I would get it again just for the salad.

For main course, Cookie Monster got the Tom Yum noodle soup:

It is broad noodles, shredded chicken, ground shrimp, shrimp tempura, string beans and mushrooms in chili jam and lemongrass soup.  It also tasted like there was curry in it but the menu didn’t mention it. The soup was hearty, heartwarming and delicious. It was full of flavor and had just enough heat to it.  YUMMY.  The curry like ingredient made the soup thicker and more like a stew. Me likey.

I got the Yien Ta Four:

It’s broad noodles, shrimp, white mushrooms, tofu, spinach with floating shrimp balls in spicy tomato broth.  Again this noodle soup was delicious and full flavored. The broth was thinner than the Tom Yum but equally tasty.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the floating shrimp balls however; I found them grainy and chewy.  We both remarked that this place would be stellar on a cold winter night!

Look at the lovely condiment jars:

Incidentally, after that first meal, we were so impressed we’ve ordered take out from Noodies several times thereafter. They have a killer Kee Mao. My parents who were visiting LOVED IT as does Cookie Monster.   I’ve ordered the Kee Mao at least 4 times already lol. The Pad See-ew is pretty good too but the Kee Mao I feel has more diversity in flavor.  The Thai fried rice here is delicious and comes with BACON and their steamed dumplings of ground pork, shrimp, shallots, water chestnuts and shitake mushrooms are deep and earthy but sadly for me, they had cilantro cooked into the dumpling so I probably will not order again.

All in all, the point is, this place is delicious and I really hope this place does well and stays around. The owners are very nice and I find the food very flavorful, fresh tasting and delicious.  YAY, I finally found a Thai restaurant I actually enjoy ordering from!

Noodies, 830 9th Avenue, New York, NY



  1. Didn’t realise there were so many Thai places on 9th ave! Must try them – if you ever find yourself in Astoria (it could happen!)…get Cookie Monster to try a place called ‘Bangkok Tasty’ – my Thai friends swore it was the most authentic place in nyc 🙂 Enjoy! xx

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