Posted by: Hungry Korean | August 10, 2012

The Bo Ssam at Momofuku Ssam Bar

I try to keep my personal life out of this blog. Yes there are some references and hints to my life but for the most part, I try and keep it to food.  But I do need to say one thing today – I honestly have the best husband in the world. He always knows how to make me feel special and he does these little things for me that mean the world to me.  My birthday was no exception.  We went to dinner at Marea on my actual birthday (blog posting about Marea to come) and he told me that the next day he wanted to take me to a more low key dinner….which turned out to be a surprise birthday dinner with my closest friends with the special guest being the Bo Ssam at Ssam!!!  Nothing says I love you like a big hunk of slow roasted pork to share with friends.  (Thanks, Cookie Monster, you are seriously the best. :))

So the Bo Ssam is something I’ve always wanted to try at Ssam Bar.  It’s not something you can choose off the menu for that day because it must be pre-ordered.  For that reason, I’ve never gotten around to it.  However it’s glorious, fatty pork served with a bunch of Korean condiments and oysters. It’s like Thanksgiving Korean style!!!!

So the meat is huge.  It’s fall off the bone and you take tongs and literally peel off the meat:

It’s served with butter lettuce, two types of kimchi (cabbage and radish), some Korean hot chili paste and diced scallions:

The idea is you take a lettuce leaf, put a generous heaping of that pork in the middle, toss whatever condiment you want and then eat it like a taco! It’s so delicious. The pork is fatty and rich and the kimchi’s acid cuts into that richness. The lettuce acts as a crunchy crispy and fresh vessel. It’s glorious.

You can also add an oyster to the mix, which I tried – it adds a creamy brininess to the flavor profile.

Dinner conversation? I have no clue. I dont think people were really talking to be honest, just shoving pork into their mouth. We finished the entire thing. Behold:

Did I mention that we had like 20 pork buns to start?  It was hog heaven – pun intended.

But oh no, we didn’t stop there. Everyone insisted we have cake so what do we get? Pancake cake (literally layers of pancakes) which is served with bacon and a butter sauce!! What……

It is literally breakfast for dessert.

The meal was spectacular and my type of meal! Yes, admittedly I have a food hangover today but it was so worth it. Thanks to my friends for coming and a very special thank you to Cookie Monster for setting this up, managing to keep it a secret and footing the entire bill! You are very special to me!!! I love you.

So if you haven’t tried this Bo Ssam, put your order in, grab some friends and go!!!!

Momofuku Ssam Bar, 207 Second Avenue, New York, NY


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