Posted by: Hungry Korean | August 28, 2012

Blue Parrot












Catching up on some of my blogs so today is your lucky day, I am blogging about two summertime restaurants since they are relatively short. The same weekend we dined at EastHampton Grill (see below), the next night we dined at the Blue Parrot (also in Easthampton). Totally laid back restaurant/bar type of place that serves up Mexican food and margaritas.


We got margaritas for the table and the house guacamole. It was freshly made and tasty as far as guac goes. Nothing out of the ordinary.




Close up:


I chose to get the lobster tacos. I’m sorry but I thought they were so sad. Not much to them except lobster slapped on some warm tortillas, add some shredded lettuce and a side of pico de gallo. For $18 bucks, I was disappointed – AND you only get 2.  I found the tacos bland and I was still hungry after I polished those things off in approximately six bites.


Cookie Monster got a side of tomato salad which I tasted with some cheese melted over it, some slices of avocado and then pesto.  This was pretty tasty because the tomatoes were so sweet and accented by the saltiness of the cheese and creaminess of the guac. But really, could I make this easily at home? For sure….

So in all honesty the place is what I expected. Low key and a place you come to drink and sort of hang out, not to be wowed by the food.  The End.

Blue Parrot, 33A Main Street, Easthampton, NY




  1. The food doesn’t look THAT good, at least from what I can tell.

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