Posted by: Hungry Korean | March 14, 2012

Food on the Go

I’m currently in California for the week for work so haven’t had a chance to blog much. But I did want to post a quick one. Most recently had some “food on the go” that I found quite delicious and interesting.

Before I left NYC, Cookie Monster and I stopped into David Chang’s Milk Bar in Midtown West. While he got a delicious cinnamon roll stuffed with cheesecake, I went the savory route and discovered something interesting: a pastrami stuffed rye croissant with sauerkraut and russian dressing.  They’ll heat it up for you if you want to eat it then and there.

It was piping hot and wrapped in foil.  Took a couple bites to show you a shot of the inside:

The pastrami was really moist (not surprised there – it’s Chang and he cares that his meat is of superior quality) and the sauerkraut’s acidity cut the richness of the meat as well as the heavily buttered rye croissant. The outside of the croissant was nice and crunchy while the inside stayed moist thanks to the meat and russian dressing.  The one down side was that the croissant was stuffed unevenly and you found a HUGE concentration of the meat in the middle with nothing at the ends. They also have another croissant stuffed with bacon, gruyere cheese and potatoes! But they were sold out – sounds darn tasty.  This is like an upscale Hot Pocket.

Recently, while in California, one of my colleagues brought in all these traditional Chinese breakfast foods.  There was one interesting variety comprised of sticky rice stuffed with fried dough and dried shredded pork.  Savory and really nice. Forgot to take a photo but I love me some sticky rice and it had a really nice chewy consistency. I also had a pork bun. Yes….pork bun for breakfast and I loved it.

This was different from Ippudo’s or Chang’s.  The pork was really good and full of flavor but what made this pork bun so delicious to me was the spicy pickled cabbage AND slightly sweet nutty ground peanuts in this bun.  This lent to various flavor profiles with every bite. Some a little sweet thanks to the peanuts, others a bit spicier because of the pickled cabbage. I really liked the introduction of cabbage here. Tasted like kimchi to me and it paired really nicely with the rich pork meat.  Shot of inside:

There was also cilantro but I picked that out.  Honest to god, I could get used to eating food like this in the morning but probably not too good for my figure 🙂



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