Posted by: Hungry Korean | April 26, 2012

Cafe du Monde

After our meal at Cochon, we waddled around for a bit and then decided to hit the very famous Cafe Du Monde. It’s apparently the most famous beignet spot in NO.  The line/crowd was ridiculous. The tables are first come, first serve and you just stand around until you see a party move and then make a beeline.

Once you find yourself a seat, you are sitting there with the previous tenants’ garbage: empty plates of powdered sugar, empty coffee mugs, more powdered sugar everywhere and a ton of used napkins. The floor wasn’t any more appetizing – powdered sugar and trash just everywhere. We were a little grossed out.

Finally someone comes by and clears it all for you, wipes it down with efficiency and eventually takes your order. Kudos to the wait staff here because they are probably the hardest working in all of NO! The turnover is ridiculous fast and the crowds are crazy.

We all got coffee and the beignets finally arrived.

One order gives you three beignets. We got two orders. So it’s basically fried dough that is COVERED in powdered sugar. What does it taste like? A zeppole, a funnel cake, a donut..nothing you have not had before. Look this beignet was nice…it was slightly chewy, the powdered sugar was messy and made you feel like a kid again and who doesn’t like anything fried…but it wasn’t worth the wait or the mess you ate it in…..That we all agreed upon.

BUT…it’s sort of a historical food landmark in NO so we had to try it and well, we can cross that off our places to eat.

Cafe Du Monde, 800 Decatur Street New Orleans, LA 70116


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