Posted by: Hungry Korean | April 30, 2012

Luke’s Restaurant

We hit another John Besh restaurant our second full day in NO for a snack late afternoon.  Located in what might be considered the financial district was his handsome seafood bar.  Between certain hours in the afternoon, you can get happy hour specials on drinks and fifty cent oysters!!!!

I had the St Charles Streetcar:

It’s St. Germain, pear vodka and champagne. It was light and crisp.

The fifty cent special on oysters only apply to the gulf oysters.  Half Hopi found them a bit too big so I ended up putting down 10 out of the 12 we ordered. I was a bit oystered out at the end because these suckers were huge!

I did discover a new way of enjoying oysters however! Some New Orleans eat their oysters on a saltine cracker! Not bad – the crispy cracker is a very nice salty touch.  Add a bit of tabasco sauce and you are good to go.

The boys got some shrimp. Large and sweet. They were actually better than the oysters I thought.

There are alot of delicious looking offerings on the menu but we were pretty full at that point. We had been eating all day and had dinner reservations to still get to. As mentioned, this was supposed to be a “snack”, so we pushed ourselves away from the table and trotted back to the hotel room to take another digestion nap. LOL

Luke’s Restaurant, 333 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA



  1. […] they were incredibly sweet, delicate and briny. Definitely not like the huge gulf oysters I had at Luke’s in New Orleans. (those were more creamy and less sweet – those monsters were definitely not […]

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