Posted by: Hungry Korean | May 1, 2012


So for our last night in New Orleans, the four of us actually had reservations at Commander’s Palace – a very old traditional establishment.  However, after all the eating the past two days we simply couldn’t do it. The menu is French and pretty rich and we couldn’t (and neither could our stomachs) bear the idea.  Plus the restaurant is pricey so we all agreed to cancel that reservation, delay dinner another hour and then to just “find something.”  Our “find something” came in the form of Emeril Lagasse’s NOLA.  BAM!

I noted the glass case that contained all “Emeril” things.

Spiderman ordered Miss Hay’s stuffed chicken wings with homemade hoisin dipping sauce:

These wings are literally stuffed.  There are five in an order.  The stuffing was similar to what you find in Asian dumplings and the hoisin dipping sauce definitely took the entire thing to an Asian level versus anything Southern.  Pretty tasty but I was still feeling off from all the food I’d consumed and just took a bite.

Funnily enough, every single person at the table ordered a salad to start. This was our FIRST bite of green vegetables since we arrived lol.

My salad: the assorted baby lettuce with pistachios, goat cheese, grape tomatoes with an herb balsamic vinaigrette.

I chowed on this. I literally couldn’t get the lettuce leaves into my mouth fast enough. It tasted like the best salad I’d ever eaten….clearly my body was craving greens.

For main course, I saw they had shrimp and grits on the menu so I had to get it. I figured Emeril would do it right and I never got to have it at lunch. (Half Hopi and Spiderman shared a plate)

The gulf shrimp were sauteed and dressed in a barbecue sauce which I actually did not like. The grits were smothered in butter but they were quite dense and hard….not creamy at all.  I was underwhelmed. It wasn’t what I was hoping for. The barbecue sauce threw me off more than anything – never had shrimp and grits served this way and I just did not like the sweetness it provided.

Cookie Monster got the grilled pork chop served with sweet potatoes:

This was delectable. The pork chop was thick, juicy and awesome.  I couldn’t resist more than several bites of his chop, as full as I was.  I adored the caramelized onion reduction sauce – it really brought the pork chop “up a couple notches.” (sorry i couldn’t resist quoting Emeril)

All in all, the meal was satisfying. I have to say at this point in our vacation, we were full up to our noses and I’m not even sure if we could have truly appreciated anything at this point. I know the pork chop was delicious, I enjoyed the stuffed chicken wings etc but would I have enjoyed these dishes far more had I come in with a hungry stomach and a fresh appetite? Perhaps.

Either way, NOLA is on the restaurant map for visitors and locals alike in New Orleans so I’m happy we got to try the place.  One more review (and last) of NO to come tomorrow!

NOLA,  534 Saint Louis St., New Orleans, LA



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