Posted by: Hungry Korean | August 28, 2012

EastHampton Grill

Gosh the summer has just flown by! I can’t believe this weekend is Labor Day and what marks the official end of summer.  I have been extremely lazy about updating this blog but I blame it on the heat and the sun – afterall, they don’t call it the “lazy days of summer” for nothing.  One weekend this summer we had a late night dinner at EastHampton Grill in Easthampton.  I heard it was owned by the same owners of Hillstone (formerly known as Houston’s – and home of IMHO the best french dip in the world!!!) and I was interested to see what they put out – tasty fare or would it be mass produced franchise crap?

I started with the jump shrimp — and jumbo they were!

They were served with two sauces – one that was a creamy dill and tartar like sauce, the other was a traditional shrimp cocktail.  I had a good time mix and matching.  Shrimp were huge and succulent. Very sweet for such large shrimp and they gave you about 5.

Cookie Monster got the tuna tartare:


Tuna was definitely fresh and I liked the diced bits of cucumber scattered throughout but I thought the entire thing needed salt. When I added salt, the flavors came out alot more and it was quite enjoyable. My shrimp were still my favorite appetizer though.

For main course, Cookie Monster and I shared the soft shell crab sandwich (this is my half – the thing was HUGE):


MMMMMM!! The soft shell crabs were lightly battered then fried but not greasy. You could taste the sweet crabmeat and the tomato and bibb lettuce really added a nice fresh balance to the sandwich. DELICIOUS!  Incidentally someone else at the table had the french dip I previously spoke of – so they offer it at this location too! Go get either sammie and you won’t be sorry.

Close up shot:


Pleasantly surprised by this place.  Food was delicious! Great bar scene and the restaurant was bustling even at 1030 at night.  The other thing I liked is the crowd isn’t young and full of sharehouse twentysomething year olds.  It’s elegant without being stuffy, comfortable but still sophisticated inside. Great place to get nouveau american food with a twist on comfort.

EastHampton Grill,  99 North Main Street, Easthampton, NY



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