Posted by: Hungry Korean | April 2, 2012

The Odeon

If you’ve been in NYC long enough, you know Odeon is a classic that has been around FOREVER. It went through a really hip phase where everyone was clamoring to get in and many many years later, it has morphed into a classic, timeless location to eat in TriBeCa. Me and two friends tried to get a table at both Super Linda and Tiny’s but both had no spots for three so we walked up a couple steps further and ate at Odeon. (Definitely go to Super Linda for the lounge downstairs though – it’s fun and one of the rooms at Super Linda lounge reminds me very much of the old dance floor upstairs at Beatrice Inn.  Actually, I believe one of the owners is an ex owner of Beatrice…but i digress)

It’s French Brasserie style  and did this style very well way before Balthazar or Pastis hit the scene.  Because the restaurant is so large, we didn’t have a wait on a busy Thursday evening and were seated right away.  The crowd looked your  classic mix of banker suit types and TriBeCa locals.

We got the spicy chicken dumplings to share:

Soft (not fried) chicken dumplings that have been dipped in that wonderful vinegary and spicy buffalo chicken sauce we all know.  There is a side of chunky blue cheese dressing for dipping. It’s a healthier version of the bar food variety. Flavor burst.

I got the Eden brook trout nestled on top of red quinoa and topped with a vegetable salad, smoke almonds and parsley butter.

It’s a good sized portion and the flavors were clean and light. The trout was mildly flavored and quite moist. I loved the crunch of the vegetable salad (reminded me of spring) and the heartier bites of the red quinoa. Didn’t really make out the parsley butter though.

I’m happy to report that Odeon is still incredibly tasty – and still very bustling and popular. If you’ve never been, you should definitely try it and if you aren’t a fish and salad type person, you can’t go wrong with their steak frites! 🙂 Or their martinis.

The Odeon, 145 West Broadway, New York, NY


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